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Routing and Switching

Communicating with devices and other networks seamlessly are made possible with the Routing and Switching solutions by Intsys. Connect computers, printers, and a host of other peripherals using a switch, thereby enabling sharing of multiple devices within the organizational network. To scale the networking solution further, Routers can be introduced to club multiple networks together. Routing solutions offered by Intsys provide a host of functionalities to secure data at all times; this includes firewall capabilities, VPN services, and more.

 What we Bring To The Table 

State-of-the-art networking and routing solutions and applications to ease usage in the corporate world

Abstract Background

Wireless And Mobility

The digital age calls for high end wireless and mobile solutions for effective, seamless and secure communication. Intsys offers secure and swift mobility solutions that enables organizations communicate seamlessly with their stakeholders.

 What we Bring To The Table 

High range and connectivity and remote server setup service

Data Centre Networking

Varied data needs of a host of businesses is addressed by Intsys Technologies, a key enabler in catering to the dynamic data needs. Secure and robust data center with round the clock support and availability is what we stand for.

 What we Bring To The Table 

integration of a constellation of networking resources — switching, routing, load balancing, analytics, 

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